LIVE ON THE KARST / 1st learning session 10-15 April 2016 in Sežana, Slovenia

Le School center Srečko Kosovel de Sežana, en Slovénie nous invite pour la première session d’échanges et d’activités d’apprentissage de notre projet LIVE ON THE KARST, du 10 au 16 avril 2016.

Programme slovenie

Seconde Lettre aux parents Slovénie

Première lettre  d’information aux parents pour le séjour en Slovénie

Programme : Presentation of the project on Karstology, management and use of water resources, Joint activities (field work, field research, field trips, workshops) with mixed groups of students (study of karst phenomena and monitoring of the quality of groundwater and surface water), Preparation of didactical tools for the DIDAKARST laboratory,  Exchange of lessons and didactic tools on internet platform eTwinning.

Hébergement au « Training Centre for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief » à SEZANA (Slovénie)

training center Sezana

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Sežana is located 12 km from the city Triest (Italy). We are 150 km from Venice, Italy and 70 km from Ljubljana, our capital city. We have 12 km to the Adriatic sea and 1 hour by car to the beautiful river Soča in the mountains. 45 km away we have our adriatic see towns: Koper, Portorož, Izola and Piran. we have some other interesiting sights around : Postojnska jama, Škocjanske jame and Lipica. Our region is called the Karst region and it is known for red wine, good food, beautiful caves and famous white horses.